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Built on experience sourcing talent across a panorama of roles in agribusiness from on-farm to corporate management, the Rimfire Resources team is immersed in agribusiness through innovation, research, sponsorship and industry connectivity. We place value and experience across all of our services.

From the outset, we commit to understanding the recruitment needs, the strategic direction and the drivers of every client’s business.

At Rimfire Resources we bring a proven process-driven approach combined with an extensive domestic and international network across agribusiness to deliver the best possible candidates.

In every search, we leverage our specialist sector knowledge of agribusiness, a comprehensive database of active candidates, and our broad reaching networks to find the people capabilities that meet the specific needs of every role.

Rimfire’s approach and expertise – combined with a guarantee that we’re easy to do business with – is valued by clients large and small.

Whether focused on a global food security strategy, seeking to take advantage of Asian opportunities, securing supply chain assets, or developing large scale commodity production, Rimfire finds the people who will lead and drive your business in Australia.

We understand the opportunities our industry offers to both domestic and international investors and we’re committed to providing the talent to fulfill this potential at every level.

Our recruitment and commercial experience stretches across the supply chain, from large-scale production farming, farm inputs and services provision, trading and logistics to high-end processing of food and ingredients.

From the boardroom to the field, our networks provide unrivaled opportunity for organisations looking for innovative human resource solutions.

Using our on-the-ground understanding, combined with a complete recruitment offering makes Rimfire a natural partner when investing in Australia.

We successfully place candidates with the vast majority of major agribusinesses across Australia – from boardroom clout to specialised in-field expertise.

We have worked with Fortune 100 food companies entering the Australian market from North America. Recently Rimfire Resources delivered the best senior executives from within the market – who embraced the opportunity and the culture – to seamlessly establish and manage the business in Australia.

We’ve also spent time understanding and managing the cultural sensitivities necessary to ensure successful recruitment of a management team and on-farm operational staff for a sovereign wealth fund based in the Middle East.

And we’ve worked with a Chinese Fortune 500 company to recruit their senior executive team, field sales and marketing team, and logistics personnel. Looking for a recruitment partner who knew the market and those suitable within the talent pool, the company trusted Rimfire to deliver a team which would guarantee immediate market impact within Australia’s agribusiness sector.

It’s this track record that means financial institutions and global agribusiness organisations consider Rimfire a valuable and trusted partner when canvassing international investment in Australian agriculture.

We lead the industry in market intelligence with the Rural Jobs Index which is researched and substantiated, and provides Rimfire with the leading edge in market trends and ingredients for successful recruitment. This index guides the agribusinesses sector to better understand the employment market with sector-specific insight to tailor advice and solutions.

Whether we’re seeking leadership for a large corporation, a senior executive team to break new ground, a qualified expert to deliver technical expertise or a farm operations manager to meet productivity targets, Rimfire Resources’ knowledge of the best talent in Australia ensures every appointment fits culturally, technically and expertly.

Our services are also broader than just executive search, board level and general recruitment. Through the Agribusiness Salary Review and HR Review, we provide proprietorial industry knowledge on salaries, human resource trends, and benchmarks across 150 agribusiness companies in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2004, Rimfire established GradLink to develop, promote and educate new graduates qualified for careers within the food and fibre industry. GradLink runs networking events and webinars, allowing graduating students access to relevant and topical agribusiness industry information and key people to assist them in being job ready.

As a supporter of agribusiness we get involved. Rimfire is actively involved; supporting students to attend the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) annual events, professional agribusiness groups in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – bringing together sector leaders for topical discussions and idea sharing – and collaborating with leading institutions for industry awards.

We are partners. Rimfire works in partnership with New Zealand based Fegan & Co sharing industry insights, knowledge and opportunities. Rimfire is also a founding partner of Career Harvest – an industry driven web portal which provides information for school aged students about the careers available in the food and fibre industry, training opportunities and educational requirements.

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Rimfire Resources conducts the search and selection process professionally to ensure that candidates presented are capable and outstanding performers.

Our approach delivers results because Rimfire knows the agribusiness sector intimately, forms real working partnerships with clients and takes time to understand their business. Through this relationship, Rimfire matches culture, company goals and values to prospective candidates and seeks to complement existing employees and teams.

Rimfire acts within guidelines set out by the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA).

Rimfire consultants act on a retained basis in order to provide the best possible outcome. Our integrity means we only take on assignments that we know we can complete successfully.

We act in confidence across the recruiting and selection process.





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